Steve Tickle

I’m an experienced software engineer and architect with many years working with embedded, real-time and resource-constrained systems. Domains I’ve worked in cover many industries from defense, smart-metering, IoT, GPS, signal processing and mobile applications.

The intention here is to share some wisdom and best-practices that I’ve picked up over my years consulting for the many clients I’ve worked for.

Though focussed on embedded/real-time work, I’ve also served my time on the server and desktop side(s) to accompany the embedded devices. No embedded-device lives on its own, they tend to naturally be one small part of larger systems and I consider myself a systems-focussed engineer and architect, spreading my time across most disciplines and the communication between them. My technical knowledge is both broad and deep, allowing me to match up high-level abstractions with low-level implementation details to produce a more optimal system.

As any complex system develops, the need for testing becomes paramount, especially as the scale of the deployment rises. To that end, designing-for-test is an important aspect of my methodologies.

If you wish to contact me for any matter, professionally or otherwise, feel free to email me (

Steve Tickle


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